The Weight of the World

The Weight of the World

Title: The Weight of the World
Series: Book II in the My Brave Little Man Memoir Series
Published by: The Bandi Media Group LLC

Soft Cover ISBN: 978-0-9836636-1-4

eBook ISBN: 978-0-9836636-4-5


Terry was eight when he was adopted, along with his younger sister, into farm life. He is bright, curious, and fiercely independent, but he suffers from emotional neglect due to being separated from his biological family as a toddler, followed by the three years he spent in an orphanage.

Terry quickly learns that farm life is tough, but, over time, he learns that the long hours and the hard physical labor have a rewarding side. His new father treats him more as a hired man than a son. But, his new mother, her father, the soul-modeling community he finds himself in, a wonderful teacher who turns him into a voracious reader, and the arrival of a fragment of the Eternal Father at the age of twelve gradually begin to uplift his soul values. Despite this, however, the road he traveled was an empty highway.

To fill the void, Terry channels his energy into sports, where he excels, particularly in fast-pitch softball and wrestling. He is tough, self-assured, and he stands out, but he still doesn’t fit into the male pecking order. Will that ever change?

Follow Terry on his journey through adolescence in Book II of the My Brave Little Man memoir series as he details the perks and pitfalls of country living, what it’s like to rise and fall through the ranks of sports, and the profound effects unconditional love can have on a soul that’s been carrying, as his adopted mother put it, “the weight of the world” on his shoulders.

Will Terry finally fit in? Find out in Book III, Growing Skin.
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