Books by Terry A. Degner

My Brave Little Man

This is the true story of a boy who is placed in an orphanage at the age of four. Follow him as he responds with amazing resourcefulness and bravery through the many adversities he faces—adversities that are usually the undoing of less hardy souls.

The Weight of the World

How would you respond if your adopted eight-year-old son shouted, “You’re not my real mom and dad!” followed by, “You can’t buy me like you buy a cow!” Follow this orphan’s inspirational journey from the dark side to a life of hope!

Growing Skin

Terry disobeys a direct order—resulting in a promotion. With it, a “sharp mind” emerges to deal with the many emergencies he would face in Vietnam. Follow Terry as he takes on challenges normally assigned to those higher in rank, including an action that saved his ship from a disaster predicted by the psychic, Jeane Dixon.