As of this writing, the My Brave Little Man Memoir Series consists of three page turning books. Follow Terry A. Degner during his early life; beginning with a sometimes embittered, sometimes sweet rural childhood living with his grandparents in the north woods without running water or electricity, followed by the three plus Dickensian years he spent in an orphanage.

When Terry was one month shy of eight, he was adopted by a farm couple and for eleven years he lived the arduous life of a farm boy. Terry credits his adoptive father for putting him to work, his adoptive mother for being patient and caring, a second-grade teacher for taking the time to teach him to write and read, and a soul-modeling church community, for lifting his spirit.

Signature Signing of Terry

 As you will read, Terry excelled in sports. He participated in fast-pitch softball, football, wrestling, baseball, and track. Upon graduation, Terry is offered scholarships to the top four college wrestling programs in the United States. How he got into wrestling and the years he spent in the sport is a painful and disturbing story.

Upon graduation from high school, Terry joined the Navy, and he did three tours in Vietnam. Prior to his first tour, he disobeys a direct order and for that he is assigned to a position well above his rank. A position that put him in charge of a guided-missile frigate in the Gulf of Tonkin during an event predicted by the psychic Jeane Dixon. Did the prediction come true or did Terry’s actions save hundreds of lives?

When stateside, Terry acts in a local theater and he quarterbacks Naval Station San Diego to a football championship. What you will learn about his football days is that many of the players on the military teams in those days had already been drafted by the AFL and the NFL.

In 1968 Terry leaves the Navy with an honorable discharge and he enters college. While in college, he studied and taught television drama, with an emphasis on scriptwriting. One of his students was a young man by the name of John Ritter of Three’s Company fame. In 1972, Terry graduates with a double major in Speech (broadcast) Journalism.

This ends the series, but Terry went on to design, write, direct, and edit hundreds of videos and multimedia productions, including children’s shows, documentaries, and training and promotional programs. For 14 years, he owned and managed his own production company. Terry is now semi-retired, and he enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren.

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