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As mentioned on the homepage, The Weight of the World and Growing Skin were published in 2018. What was not mentioned is that one and a half months after they were published, Terry’s wife passed away, and two months after that, his adopted mother went to her maker at the age of 101. Following Terry’s wife’s and his mother’s passing, he spent the next year and a half dealing with family matters. This brought him into 2020 and the pandemic. He brings this up because there are no current book signings, television and radio interviews, and speaking engagements to share with you for these books. Time will tell if those events will ever take place again. What can be shared are two television interviews that took place after the first book in the series was published and some of the book signings.

Video Interviews

Book Signings

There were numerous other television and radio interviews on the website created for Book I in the My Brave Little Man memoir series, but they are no longer available. The original website also included a schedule page showing upcoming events along with a listing of the many book signings Terry attended. If you click here, you will be taken to where you can see some of his book signings.

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