A Review

“My Brave Little Man is a captivatingly detailed account of T.A. Degner’s early life, beginning with his sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet rural childhood, and ending in a Dickensian description of the years he and his siblings spent in a Duluth orphanage. The story profiles an era in a setting that has not been well documented in either fiction or memoir until now. The author spins tales of his transformation from a sweet little blond cherub to a strong-willed school-age rebel. Often funny, sometimes hair-raising, it is the inspirational story of a vigorous spirit meeting multiple challenges and emerging, though somewhat bruised, as essentially whole and strong.”
—Lynn Cross, editor; storyteller; poet, and copywriter


Welcome to author T.A. Degner's schedule

July 10, 2011: Lawarance Presbyterian Church - book signing

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July 21, 2011: Elbow Lake, Minnesota - book signing


July 23 - August 8: Vacation in Europe

August 25, 2011: Fergus Falls, Minnesota - book signing from 11:30 am - 2:00 pm


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