A Review

"My Brave Little Man captured my attention with its simple approach by telling the story of the author's difficult stage of life – facts as they really were, how he felt and what his thoughts were. I can only imagine how vulnerable a child must feel, how brave to overcome what had happened and through it all to gain confidence and self worth. I liked how honest and without extra dramatization the orphanage was described, in my view that is crucial to the reader. “My Brave Little Man“ kept my attention from first to last page and was very realistic and sincere. I loved reading it and I am looking forward to the next book."
Stefka from Bulgaria


Welcome to author T.A. Degner's schedule

July 24, 2012: Author donated his Navy uniform to the Grant County Historical Society.


August 3, 2012: Book Signing at Trumm Drug in Elbow Lake, Minnesota

Elbow Lake

The author is cutting back on book signings to focus on a sequel to My Brave Little Man. There are several book signings planned for September but no firm dates have been set. We will keep you posted. Thank you and keep tuning in.


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