T.A. Degner with Siblings

The author center with his two siblings in 1951

A Review

"The author does a great job of conveying that adoption is a life-long process. Throughout the book, he links some of his current tendencies as an adult to some of the memories of his past (both traumatic and comforting memories). He expresses joy regarding his adoption, referring to it as a "new lease" on life. He recognizes, after searching relentlessly to find every piece and bit of pictures, notes, records, files, that things most likely turned out for the best--that his birth mother probably loved him, but was truly not capable of caring for her children."
—Jamie K. Nagy member of the AAC

can I get an autographed copy from the Author?

Of course. If you want an autographed copy, the cost of My Brave Little Man is $15.95. The cost of The Weigh of the World is $16.95 and the cost of Growing Skin is $15.95. In addition to the cost of the book there is a handling, tax, and shipping charge. To order directly from the author, please send an email with your request and a return email will give you a quote for the price of delivery:

You can e-mail the author at terry@tadegner.com

can I buy the book online?

Yes. The books are available on the Amazon.com website and on the Barnes and Noble website. The book is also available at select book stores. I can't speak for all bookstores but if you place an order through your local Barnes & Noble store, they will ship it directly to your home. Don't hold me to it, but I believe members get it shipped free.

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